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After Action Reports

Policies rely upon the accurate description and reporting of Unit/Member activities.


Credits are given for:

  • Community Service

  • Youth

  • Americanism Activities


Horse has been busy.  He managed to work it out with Department of Texas VFW, and now your After Action Reports can be filed on the Department of Texas VFW Community Service Reports Form. 


We received this question from one of the members,


I have never completed an After Action Report. When I click in the space asking for the Post number, it is asking us to enter the number  of miles. I’m assuming this is not correct. That’s my first question. The second is what do I enter for a Post # if we are not under a Post. We are under District. The system will not take my report without making an entry in this space and won’t take the words “Under District “. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Horse's Response to question

Hello All,


Interesting in that this is the first time in all these years that this question comes up.  The miles question is easy.  If the District Unit rode out to the event, the cumulative miles for all participating Unit members is calculated and entered.  If no miles were reported, then a  zero,"0", is entered.  For instance, everything was done at the Post.  If the question is about the little clause under the Post tab, disregard.  I believe this to be an error, probably happening during compilation of the program.


As to the entity to be entered, I would enter the Post that benefits from the action.  If Unit 10 is doing a general event at the home Post (I.E. Post 8787), then enter that Post number.  If the work is for another Post under the Unit 10 banner such as a member who is officially attached to Post 3413, for example, then 3413 would be entered to give that Post credit for the hours.  This would largely be up to the President of the Unit.


We'll bring the issue up to the Texas VFW website personnel to fix the error on the Post tab, as this affects them as well.


Hope that helps.




Marlin "Horse" Howze



Texas VFW



Just check the Motorcycle Box at the Top and the VFWMGTX Secretary will get a copy of it for tallying. 

Then you only have to make one report for your Post/Aux/MG. 

This should help greatly with the reporting of your activities.


For After Action Reports now click here

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