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Application for Use of VFW Logo​​

Basic guidelines for making application to National VFW for use of the VFW and VFWMGTX logos in conjunction with public advertising, use in a profit generating adventure, and anything else that might bring wide scrutiny:


1. They will be particularly interested in what the logo will be used for; business (selling t-shirts, accessories, etc), political initiatives (supporting a politician, particular cause (etc), or just for some advertising (what for).


2. Turn around time is generally within a 2 week time frame.


3. Permission comes from the QM General at National.


4. Can be mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed.


5. Anyone can request, but the higher the sign-off authority the better.


6. We have to get National approval for our MG Logo 

because it incorporates the Cross of Malta and VFW.


7. Include a picture (if possible) of the exact logo you wish to use with the package.

8. Use the form below in making application to National VFW.



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